Dennis Papaleo Allan Bankson Brett Ogletree Walt Matrana Richard Kendrick

Pictured left to right:
Allan Bankson -
Guitar & Vocals
Brett Ogletree -
Lead Vocals
Dennis Papaleo -
Drums and Vocals
Walt Matrana -
Bass & Vocals
Richard Kendrick -
Guitar & Vocals

Forgive me if I misspelled your names guys. It's been a while since I've seen ya'.

Richard KendrickIf anyone has any pictures of this lineup of Dark August that you would like to scan and send to me, that would be great. When I was in the band I was too poor to own a camera or even put film in one. I have a video tape of us playing a gig back in 1991. I intend to get some vidcaps from that soon. I may even add a song clip or two if nobody in the band will sue me.

Dark August was around for a long, long time before I joined and I believe they went on for a good while longer after I split. I don't really recall their history other than to mention that they were some musically, heavy motherfuckers that were influenced by bands like Accept, Judas Priest, King Diamond, Anthrax, Megadeth, Savatage, and a lot more acts in that style. I believe that Phil Anselmo from Pantera used to Jam with them. When I joined the band, I really got my guitar chops in high gear. The two guitar attack was very disciplined and well thought out. It was an invaluable learning experience for me to get to really hit the road with them and I'll always be grateful for that.

If anyone has news on any of the guys from Dark August, or any of the road crew (Kabo, Daren, Roy ... I know I'm forgetting a couple of names here), shoot me some e-mail and let me know what they are up to these days.

I believe the picture to the left was taken in Slidel, LA, sometime in 1990. Walt Matrana is in the background and you can see the Dark August logo on the Kick Drum. I think I might still have those pants somewhere boxed up. You never know when I'll be 130 lbs. again and they might come back into style.